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Electrical Compliance Repairs and Code Inspections

Trust Our Electricians to Keep Your Home in Macclenny in Line with Local Laws

Keep Your Home in Macclenny in Line with Local Laws

Rules may sometimes feel restrictive, but when it comes to National Electric Code (NEC) and Florida building codes, they’re there to keep us safe. But keeping up with these changing regulations can be hard, even for an electrician. That’s why, when buying or selling a home, you’re likely to run into an electrical compliance issue.

At Dependable, we know how overwhelming keeping your home up to date can be. That’s why we take steps to simplify the process. When you schedule an electrical safety inspection with our electricians, you can rest easy knowing we’ll do all we can to make it safe and up to code. Our company regularly schedules training to ensure we stay abreast of regulatory changes.

Keep your home compliant with electrical codes in the Lake City and Macclenny areas! Give (904) 259-6546 a call to schedule an electrical safety inspection or code compliance repair.

How You Know It’s Time to Schedule an Electrical Inspection in Macclenny

Signs It’s Time to Schedule an Electrical Inspection in Macclenny

As materials improve, electrical standards shift and flaws with older set-ups become more apparent. With each year that passes, we learn how to better optimize our electrical grid and take advantage of modern appliances. To ensure you stay up to date, we suggest getting your electrical system examined three or so years. Even if it hasn’t been that long, you should schedule an electrical inspection if you:

  • Have a home over 30 years old
  • Want to put the home up for sale
  • Need to get your home’s value adjusted
  • Are looking to buy a new home
  • Need to get a potential home inspected

What’s Included in My Electrical Inspection?

What’s Included in My Electrical Inspection?

Our electrical experts know the signs of an electrical problem. They are able to quickly spot potential issues and can provide a comprehensive evaluation. During your electrical code inspection, our electrician will:

  • Check your AFCIs work properly
  • Verify there are no issues with your outlets or switches
  • Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Verify proper light bulb wattages
  • Inspect your electrical panel for signs of damage
  • Evaluate your outdoor lighting and outlets

After we finish your Macclenny electrical inspection, we’ll outline our findings in a detailed report. In this, we’ll list recommended upgrades and detail any needed repairs. This will ensure you don’t waste time on a property with outdated electrical.

My Home Failed Inspection. Can You Help Me Reach Electrical Compliance?

My Home Failed Inspection. Can You Help Me Reach Compliance?

Perhaps you need a bigger place, or you’re looking to downsize. No matter why you’re selling your home, we know you cross your fingers and hold your breath throughout the inspection. But, if it comes back with a major electrical issue, don’t panic. Our electricians can quickly make the required electrical repairs and put your buyer’s mind at ease. Items we can handle include:

For Code Inspection Done Right, Trust Macclenny’s Expert Electricians

For Code Inspection Done Right Trustr Our Electricians

At Dependable, we stay up-to-date on the electrical rules of Macclenny and the surrounding areas. And, whether the issue is minor or major, our electricians can help you reach total compliance. To keep in line with these rules, we pull a permit for every job that needs it and always work within the spirit and letter on the law. With over 57 years of experience handling electrical code updates, we can weather almost any storm.

To schedule an electrical inspection, reach out to us at (904) 259-6546. We service all types and brands of electrical fixtures. Our service area includes Lake City, Macclenny, and Jacksonville.